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Effective Mosquito & Tick control.

The best way to stop disease bearing mosquitoes and ticks in their tracks is to walk around your property with an Expert Mosquito Control and Tick Control specialist.  After completing our 22+ point inspection of your property we can guarantee that your yard will be safe from Mosquitoes and Ticks.  The next step of the process is spraying for these pests.  Our method of protecting your yard starts with our multi-step system for spraying mosquitoes and ticks.  The first step is Larvacides, which kills BOTH ticks and mosquitoes. Next is Adulticides which kills adult ticks and mosquitoes.  Our last step Includes Mosquitocides which provides an extra layer of protection against any lingering mosquitoes. Go with a top-rated Mosquito Control Service in Boston, MA.

We will not rest until we are 100% sure your yard is safe from any threat brought on by ticks.  This also gives our customers the opportunity to talk with a real specialist almost any time of day.  We can guarantee that a certified specialist will be able to answer any questions you have about our services and chemicals etc.

Why Hire us?

We are the ONLY Mosquito & Tick Control Company that:

  • Is TRULY a local company, Family Owned & Operated.
  • All of our Mosquito & Tick Control Experts have been trained through the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Stockbridge School of Agriculture Pesticide Education Program
  • We are Licensed and Insured.
  • Member of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) and the Northeast Mosquito Control Association.(NMCA).
  • Certified Green Business, Awarded “Gold Status” by the Green Business Bureau.
  • Provide a FREE 22+ Point evaluation of your property.
  • Utilize Integrated Pest Management & Integrated Mosquito Management philosophies.
  • Offer both Organic and Environmental Protection Agency/Center for Disease Control Approved Safe Products.
  • We LOVE our Customers! We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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General Facts About Mosquitoes:

Mosquito bites cause skin irritation.  This is an allergic reaction caused by the saliva from mosquitoes.  Not only are these bites irritating but they can spread the diseases mentioned above.  Mosquitoes are known to carry several parasites that can be lethal to dogs and horses.  Many animals are very vulnerable to these parasites, don’t leave your pets at risk! Be informed about mosquitoes, there are over 200 types just in the United States alone!  All live in different environments and bite and potentially infected different animals.  Prolific mosquito breeding grounds are in areas of standing water.  One of the most dangerous mosquito species is the Asian Tiger mosquito.

Mosquito Dangers:

The spread of West Nile Virus WILL be the first of many foreign diseases brought about by the worldwide eco-tourism.  Other deadly diseases that will come to your backyard are: Malaria, Chikungunya Virus, Lime Disease, Zika Virus, Rift Valley Fever and Dengue fever. These diseases could be just outside your home and there is virtually no way of knowing.  This problem is a big worry among public health officials.  With the help of Expert Mosquito and Tick Control you can improve quality of life and even retake your backyard from pesky mosquitoes and ticks.  

The mosquitoes that are infected with these life changing diseases are already here, and more are coming. Will you and your family be protected from these deadly viruses?

The (WNV) West Nile Virus is spread to us by mosquitoes. The danger is there is no treatment for West Nile Virus. 1 and 5 people will have serious symptoms from West Nile the worst of these symptoms are often fatal, the best way to ensure your family isn’t another statistic is to call in a specialist from Expert Mosquito and Tick Control.

NEW INFORMATION ON LYME DISEASE: Lyme Disease is now considered an illness transferred by insects. It is no longer a tick-borne disease. Bugs like Mosquitoes can carry Lyme Disease.

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