About Us

There is a very personal reason why we started this business.  My son, who was three years old at the time, used to love to push his play lawnmower across the grass.  He would spend hours pretending to be a landscaper.  One day, he complained that his arm hurt and it was itchy.  My wife and I looked at the circular redness on his arm.  His skin also had a “leathery” feel to it.  Due to my background in the industry, I recognized that these were signs of Lyme disease.

We brought our son to the pediatrician.  She explained how difficult it was to diagnose Lyme disease, especially at the early stages.  Once the diagnosis become positive, it is often times very late in the process and treatment is much less effective.  However, our worst fears were realized.  The pediatrician said “100%” that he had Lyme disease.  Medication and treatment started immediately.  I wouldn’t want any child to go through what our son went through.

We told the pediatrician that we did not see any ticks on our son.  In fact, we had never seen any ticks on anyone the entire time we had lived in our home.  The pediatrician gave us some startling information.  She told us that Lyme disease had recently received a new definition.  It now refers to “illness transmitted by insects”, as opposed to a tick-borne disease.  Mosquitoes can also carry Lyme disease along with many other serious infections.  She described mosquitoes and ticks as some of the most deadly insects in the world!

We were shocked!  I immediately called a company to spray our yard.  The company advertised that they would get rid of mosquitoes and ticks.  They also advertised that they would come back during the summer and reapply the spray application.  The spray was completely ineffective and they were also unreliable!  I was furious!

I called company after company.  All were either ineffective against mosquitoes and ticks and/or the customer service was terrible!  I realized that almost all of the companies I called made their primary business something other than mosquito and tick control (landscaping, general exterminating, etc.).  We were so upset!  Could our kids never play outside again?

I realized that there was a great need for a local, reliable company that focused solely on mosquito and tick control.  With my previous background in the industry, I decided to create the business myself!

We are the only company that is truly local, family owned and operated, that focuses exclusively on mosquito and tick control.

Trust me!  I take the issue of mosquito and tick control very seriously and personally.  I wouldn’t want your family to go through what mine did.  You have my personal, 100% satisfaction guarantee.
I am always available to talk to my valued customers.

Stephen Novick
President, CEO
Expert Mosquito & Tick Control