How long will it take to protect and spray my yard?
The typical procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete. Granted everyone’s yard is different so yards that are larger will likely take more time.
Do you spray the ground around our yard?
Not normally, mosquitoes and ticks typically stay in certain areas. The spray treatment is designed to target areas where these pests thrive. Some hot spots for mosquitoes and ticks are: shrubs, decks, areas of standing water and darker areas around your yard. Obviously, this can vary from yard-to-yard.
Are the treatments effective against other bugs?
Our standard procedure targets mosquitoes and ticks. The treatment also helps fight off other pests like flies, gnats and fleas. It will not harm unintended organisms like honey bees, butterflies or pets.
How much do the treatments cost?
Cost is dependent on the treatment and the yard size. We design a program especially for your property. It is not a “one size fits all” approach. It is important that one of our experts evaluate your property using our 20 step plan to ensure every area is covered. By contacting us we can provide you with a free quote. Generally, there is a standard rate for an acre or less.
My city or town has a mosquito truck come by and spray, what makes your company more advanced?
Our experts provide you and your home with a custom treatment plan, for your protection. We take the time to treat your yard with a strategy to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks at every stage of their development. The government service only kills adult mosquitoes and the spray on the truck has a very short range. It is not designed to protect your individual property.
Is rain a concern on the treated area?
No, our products are designed to dry so they won’t be removed by any water. Obviously, many days of soaking, heavy rain could dissipate any yard treatment. However, with our full 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we will do everything possible to make our customers happy with our service, including reapplication at no charge if necessary.
Does anyone need to be on the property when you spray?
No, as long as there are no pets outside. When you sign up for our service we will go over any special instructions your property may require. We will leave a door hanger telling you the date and time your property was serviced.
Is your product safe for my family, friends, and pets?
Absolutely! We offer both an organic treatment as well as EPA approved pesticide treatments. The organic treatment may not work as well depending on your property needs. We will do a complete, personalized property evaluation to determine what we think will work best for your property. We use the treatment on our own yard! Please read our story under the “about us” tab.